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Name:Gallifrey Times
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Community description:Whoniverse Fan Activity Newsletter
Editor's Note: This newsletter is currently in a state of rebirth. If you would like to volunteer as a back-up editor in case of holiday, illness, or death, please comment on any post to contact us.
  • GT aims to cover Doctor Who Universe fan activity on Dreamwidth and beyond. If you'd like to be added to our watch list, please leave a comment here. If you have specific requirements as to what content you wish to be linked (for example fic only, or reviews only), let us know in your Request to be Added comment and we'll make sure it happens.

  • Click on this link to be taken to a list of active Who-related communities here on Dreamwidth. A list of non-active Who-related communities, should you be interested, may be found here.

  • Questions? If you can't find the answer on the public pages of the comm, you can contact the editors by commenting on any edition of the newsletter. Comments are not screened for logged in users.

  • "Membership" is closed, but Dreamwidth users may subscribe to this newsletter by clicking on the subscribe option above; non-Dreamwidth users will find subscription options (by atom or RSS) at the top of the sidebar on the homepage.

A couple of notes:
  1. We are not affiliated to The Gallifrey Times, which we didn't know about when we started. They have a definite article and we don't. We do link to some of their news articles though :)
  2. We do not link to content on Livejournal, as that service is provided by Who Daily and Torchwood Three. You can follow Who Daily on Dreamwidth by adding [syndicated profile] who_daily_feed to your circle, and Torchwood Three by adding [syndicated profile] torchwood_three_lj_feed.
last updated: 15th April 2017
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