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A list of active Doctor Who communities at Dreamwidth is here.

The following list contains links to some of the Whoniverse communities that have been opened at Dreamwidth but that are inactive. The list is maintained as a resource for Dreamwidth users who might want to attempt to kick-start a dormant community that, judging by the community description, fits their interests. Some of these communities appear to have been opened solely for the purpose of mirroring an LJ community, i.e., to reserve the LJ community name and/or with no intent to ever be an active Dreamwidth community unless and until LJ became unavailable; others give the appearance of having been planned as an active community that never quite got off the ground, or that have gone on open-ended hiatus.

[community profile] asexy_who
Description: Discussion and fanworks relating to asexuality in the Doctor Who universe
Status: last updated January 2012

[community profile] available_very
Description: Doctor Who/Torchwood - Jack/Rose community
Status: Mirror to LJ community of same name. Never updated.

[community profile] big_blue_bin
Description: a dumping ground for [personal profile] spud66cat's creative endeavors: Icons, banners, wallpapers, etc.
Status: last updated May 2016

[community profile] blueboxlove
Description: A comm for fans of the TARDIS herself
Status: last updated January 2014

[community profile] bowtiesnblasters
Description: a Doctor/River fic exchange
Status: last updated December 2011

[community profile] companions
Description: focussing on the companions and allies of the Doctor
Status: last updated January 2013

[community profile] dalekians
Description: a comm for Dalek lovers
Status: last updated February 2012

[community profile] doctor_donna
Description: A community for fan-fiction centred around the Tenth Doctor and Donna Noble
Status: Last updated December 2011

[profile] doctor_ianto
Description: Fanart and fanfiction surronding the Tenth Doctor, Jack Harkness, and Ianto Jones
Status: Has now been deleted long enough that the user name has become available again

[community profile] doctor_rose_fix
Description: "The daily shipper"
Status: Never updated.

[community profile] doctor_who)
Description: Old School Doctor Who and new series Doctor Who
Status: Last updated October 2015

[community profile] doctoreleven
Description: The Steven Moffat/Eleventh Doctor era of Doctor Who
Status: last updated December 2011

[community profile] doctorwho_at_dreamwidth
Description: A prompt based Doctor Who community for fanfiction from any era no matter what the length or flavour
Status: Deleted and purged

[community profile] doctorwho_meta
Description: Thoughts and discussion about the Whoniverse
Status: last updated September 2012

[community profile] everything_who
Description: a comm for everything who - fic, icons, discussion, everything
Status: last updated December 2016

[community profile] goin_my_way
Description: A Doctor/Rose shipper community
Status: Last updated May 2009

[community profile] janto_cam
Description: Challenge community created to celebrate the Torchwood pairing of Jack and Ianto
Status: last updated August 2012

[community profile] of_rassilon
Description: rewatching and discussing DW from the beginning
Status: last updated January 2012

[community profile] oneheart_onelife
Description: a comm for fans of the Human Tenth Doctor
Status: last updated October 2011

[community profile] oswalds
Description: a Clara fan comm
Status: last updated December 2013

[community profile] ponds_daily
Description: A post-a-day community for pictures of the characters and cast from the Eleventh Doctor era of Doctor Who, where everyone ends up becoming a Pond sooner or later
Status: Last updated February 2013

[community profile] rare_tw
Description: Serving up Torchwood fic and art featuring rare pairings
Status: Last updated July 2012

[community profile] reel_torchwood
Description: A Torchwood community where movie prompts are matched to fanfic.
Status: Last Updated May 2012

[community profile] rhys_love)
Description: Sharing the love of Rhys Williams in Torchwood
Status: last updated August 2012

[community profile] rivereffinsong
Description: a River Song fan comm
Status: last updated December 2015

[community profile] romanafen
Description: A community for the Time Lady Romana from Doctor Who
Status: last updated April 2014

[community profile] sixathon
Description: A platform for generating new fanfiction and other creative material involving the Sixth Doctor!
Status: last updated April 2013

[community profile] spoiler_song
Description: A community for all fans of River Song from the television series Doctor Who
Status: Last updated December 2015

[community profile] theoldbluebox
Description: A comm for the whole of the Whoniverse
Status: last Updated October 2015

[community profile] time_and_chips
Description: Doctor/Rose community.
Status: Never updated.

[community profile] torchwood
Description: The general Torchwood discussion community on Dreamwidth
Status: last updated March 2013

[community profile] torchwood_2011
Description: A community focusing on series 4 of Torchwood.
Status: Last public update on December 21, 2010.

[community profile] torchwood_salon
Description: A community for Torchwood meta and discussion.
Status: Last updated December 2012

[community profile] tw_classic
Description: Torchwood Classic - A community for all things series one and two of Torchwood (mirror to LJ comm)
Status: last updated April 2013

[community profile] tw_totallyau
Description: A community for stories that are totally AU, using Torchwood and Dr Who characters but not set in the who-verse
Status: Last updated January 2014

[community profile] who_minis
Description: a Doctor Who mini ficathon community
Status: Last updated March 2011

Date: 15 Apr 2017 05:24 pm (UTC)From: [personal profile] merryghoul
merryghoul: the knightmare (the knightmare)
There used to be a Torchwood fanfic community, the_hub (meant to post and advertise Torchwood fanfic), but the owner deleted the comm without notice.

Date: 17 Apr 2017 12:44 am (UTC)From: [personal profile] shyfoxling
shyfoxling: Ravenclaw crest (Default)
[profile] doctor_ianto - no such account.

[community profile] doctorwho_at_dreamwidth - deleted and purged.

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