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Welcome to the Saturday the 13th of May edition of Gallifrey Times!

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  • The Official BBC Doctor Who YouTube channel has a preview clip of Oxygen.
  • The Eleventh Hour (audio podcast) discusses Knock Knock.
  • Wanferers in the Fourth Dimension (audio podcast) Episode 268 discusses Knock Knock.
  • The New Who podcast (autoplaying audio podcast with a 1 min 50 advert for the producer at the start of it) discusses Knock Knock.
  • Big Blue Box Podcast (audio podcast) Episode 141 discusses Knock Knock.
  • Discussing Who? (audio podcast) Episode 46 is a Wholanta recap and review.
  • Get Off My World (audio podcast) Episode 46 discusses The Faceless Ones.
  • The Ood Cast (audio podcast) discusses Knock Knock.
  • Diddly Dum Podcast (audio podcast) Episode 76 discusses the Doctor Who Appreciation Society convention, “Capitol 2”; Thin Ice, AND Knock Knock.
  • The Pharos Project (audio podcast) Episode 213 discusses Knock Knock.
  • Talking Timelords (audio podcast) Episode 69 also discusses Knock Knock.

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